Maple work with a range of architects and contractors, applying our knowledge of façade fabrication and installation to materialise their original designs and bring their vision to reality.

From car parks to office buildings and hospitals, we’ve delivered hundreds of projects across the UK and have worked in partnership with a wide range of architects and contractors to create stunning architectural façades and sun shading solutions.

If you’re considering a collaboration with Maple on your next construction project, then take a look at some of our previous innovative façade design ideas.

A Dramatic 3-D Architectural Façade

For a striking aesthetic, consider a dramatic architectural façade with detailed geometry and a 3D effect. When developing an architectural façade design project at Stanley Street Car Park in Salford, we combined forces with award-winning architects AHR to transform their vision of cloaking the multi-storey building in 3D hexagons for a dramatic look.

Our technical façade design team took the architects original concept and worked with their team to evolve the design, manufacture the aluminium panels, develop the fittings and install the façade.

As well as bringing the aesthetic of the original façade design to reality and creating a striking new addition to the city of Salford’s skyline, our bespoke façade system also provides weather protection for the building, natural ventilation and protects surrounding buildings from light and noise pollution.

A Linear Climate Façade

If your building requires a fresh new look that combines function with an attractive aesthetic, then a linear climate façade from Maple may be the perfect solution. When working with architects Pick Everard on Northamptonshire Police three-storey office block, we wanted to create a façade design that is current, appealing and in contrast to the featureless and outdated public sector buildings of the recent past.

Our Maple design team worked with both the architects and contractors Bowmer & Kirkland to ensure the climate façade design combined effective solar shading with aesthetic appeal to ensure the project was a success.

A Contemporary & Bespoke Architectural Façade

Transform the exterior design of your building project with a bespoke architectural façade from Maple. When working on the wider regeneration scheme of Liverpool city centre, our designers assisted on a sensitive design, creating an attractive yet non-imposing façade for a brand new car park.

Architects Leach Rhodes Walker had the task of ensuring that the car park design remained in context with the surrounding buildings and worked with our Maple designers to bring their exterior vision to life. Maple’s large perforated panels created a visual statement combining stunning architecture with an effective weather-proof solution.

Our Maple designers continued to work with the architects, contractors Wilmott Dixon and other partners throughout the design process, manufacturing of the perforated panels and expanded mesh infills and the installation of the contemporary and bespoke architectural façade.

A Wave-Shaped Architectural Façade

When working on Enniskillen’s South West Acute Hospital, we rose to the challenge of combining design and function including a stunning glass louvre, our Corona horizontal brise soleil system and an innovative wave-shaped architectural façade into the design.

Working with the project’s architects Anshen & Allen, Maple strived to transform the aesthetic design of the new Northern Ireland hospital, applying our professional experience and know-how for best results.

We manufactured each individual panel to the correct specification and exacting tolerances to create a stunning and bespoke wave-shaped architectural façade that hides and protects the maintenance walkways. The innovative design also resulted in energy savings for the hospital by reducing its carbon footprint by controlling solar gain, light and glare.

An Open Ribbon Façade

For an imaginative architectural façade design with practical benefits, you may want to consider an open ribbon façade. When working on the nine-storey New Bailey car park in Salford with architects Aedas RHWL, the Maple design team helped to turn their exciting concept into a reality.

The unique architectural façade installed gives the impression that the car park has been wrapped in ribbons that complement and echo the lattice patterns and ironwork intersections of the bold Victorian bridges in the area. As an open façade, the design allows for natural ventilation and reduces the need for artificial lighting while also providing protection against elements such as wind and rain.

A Decorative Panel Façade

A decorative panel façade is a great way to transform a building and make a bold visual statement. Inspired by Warrington’s golden gates and industrial past, Maple worked with architects Leach Rhodes Walker to cloak the car park on Bridge Street Quarter in a gold-coloured architectural façade.

The perforated panels used have golden hexagon-shaped cut-outs for a bold aesthetic and have been anodised and powder-coated for peak weather durability. The façade design also boasts hidden sliding mechanisms to allow for building tolerances and some natural movement.

Bringing Visions to Reality - The Maple Prototype Facility

Maple work with architects and contractors with architectural façade ideas to bring their vision to reality. The prototype facility at our factory in Stockport allows clients and partners to view samples and refine their design with the assistance of our Maple technical design team.

By creating samples, prototypes and real-size mock-ups of Maple architectural façades, we’re able to help to avoid the costs and delays of making tweaks and changes on site. During this process, Maple can often value engineer the project and façade design idea to and make some necessary tweaks that can contribute to reducing the cost of manufacturing and installation.

For more architectural façade design ideas and detailed case studies, click here to view our latest Maple design projects and check out our interactive project map. As well as innovative and striking architectural façades, we also have the experience and knowledge to work with you on the design, manufacturing and installation of solar screening projects, louvres and brise soleil systems.

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